Reiki Certificate Templates For Sale

  • Beautiful Reiki Certificates exclusively for Certified Reiki Practitioners
  • Perfect award for Reiki Teachers to present to their students
  • Your templates will provide you with a lifetime supply of Reiki certificates

Reiki Certificate Templates For Sale

What you need to know:
Each set contains 3 templates: First Degree, Second Degree and Masters Degree.
I will add the name of the Reiki master/teacher (your name) and the Style / Modality of Reiki that you teach to your certificate templates before emailing them to you.
I can also provide an additional certificate template, a 4th Level/Degree if required.

If you need customised certificate templates, such as your business or company’s name and your logo to be added please contact me to discuss your requirements before you make a payment.

All certificates are in A4 PDF format. Approximate size – 210 x 297 mm. You will find more details on the info page.

The samples on this website are just to give you an idea about the designs.
The quality of the certificates are sharp, crisp and really beautiful !

The Jade Collection


The Aura Collection


The Rainbow Collection